Eric Francis has this to say about the current Merc rx. I will quote passages here.

How to approach Mercury retrogrades:

Think of this as writing three drafts of your life story for this time. You get a practice run, then you get to review and make repairs and rethink things; then you get to do it again and apply what you learned in the first two go-rounds. If you work with these phases with intention, you will be able to establish something carefully and effectively. Everything that can go wrong perhaps will, except it will be for learning purposes and those things can usually be corrected or addressed. You see the flaws in a system or idea; new viewpoints emerge; most of all, new possibilities arise.

About Scorpio into Libra:

Something I have noticed about Mercury stations (particularly the retrograde, but they both seem to have the property) is that the truth comes out right around the time of the station. The retrograde begins in Scorpio, trine Mars, so that is on one level the truth about sex and desire. I recognize that I am a running advertisement for talking about sex (not just doing it). Doing sex comes naturally; we are these days not entirely natural people. Talking about sex does not come naturally.

Scorpio for many people is a raw and distasteful energy. I don’t mean Scorpio people, necessarily; I mean the concept, the energy level. Both men and women are taught to disguise, conceal, minimize and subvert their passions. This occurs in different ways for different reasons. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is reminding us that only the truth is erotic. That which is erotic has power over us — the urgent power of desire; the power to make us forget the petty rules we live by, those that serve the god of guilt and those designed to protect the insecurities of the people we may care about.

I would propose that it’s time to throw away our petty rules (those self-defeating neuroses inherited from our parents), then honor desire, smash the idol of guilt and stop protecting anybody’s insecurities. Anybody’s at all, particularly our own. To be able to challenge the insecurities of others, you need to find your own confidence, and to do that, you need to experiment with revealing your own secrets. You must be the one to take the bold step first, of speaking what you feel and stating clearly what you need.

While you’re deciding the appropriateness factor, remember that everything is inappropriate these days. Therefore who the fuck cares about the stated rules of appropriateness? If something is not really appropriate, we should be able to feel that it’s not right; but guilt makes it difficult to feel what is actually right or wrong; so when something feels wrong we need to check if it’s not the guilt that is feeling wrong.

There is a degree of imbalance involved in speaking one’s truth. To do it, you need to temporarily forget the impact that it will have, and let fly. More to the point, you need to recognize not only that people around you are capable of independent thought and of making their own decisions, but also that you must honor their right to do so by being open, honest and real.

Then you need to trust: trust that somebody still will want to have sex with you (they may or may not); trust that you’ll have a roof over your head (you will, but it may be the same roof or a different one); trust that you’re not going to get sued for divorce (the truth is disarming, or it can be used against you); trust that you won’t get a black eye (but that will reveal something); trust that your life will get better (it will, if you guide it that way); trust that the truth has a power of its own, the power of God/Goddess itself, the power of existence, and that when you affirm your own existence, you will begin to find your freedom.

The Scorpio phase may be hot, psychological, intense, too sexy for words, too wrenching to want to consider, liberating, transformative: it may be anything but balanced, but it can be imbalanced in that liberating way.

By the time Mercury reaches Libra, that is the time to think “relationally” and seek a new kind of balance. The extra time that Mercury is in Libra, from Oct. 24 through Nov. 11, is a time to work out your real feelings and desires in the context of your relationship. The weeks leading into that are the time to be direct and honest and to step away from caring what happens next.