Mercury retrogrades from 9° 4′ Scorpio to 23° 23′ Libra from 11 October to 1 November 2007. The back-end shadow period lasts from 22 September to 10 October and the front-end shadow period from 2 November to 17 November 2007.

Last year’s post on Mercury retrograding in Scorpio may be found here. The tenseness I mentioned regarding Mercury retrograding in brooding Scorpio is likely to give way to a more harmonious mood when it moves into peace-loving Libra around 24 October 2007. Though, because it will also conjunct the Sun in Scorpio, the release in tension is not likely to be felt until several days later.

The tone of Mercury retrograding in Libra is likely to involve a review of how we communicate using Libra energies. How do we strike a balance between diplomacy and sycophancy, between harmony and justice? Libra is represented by the scale after all.

This is what Robert Wilkinson has to say about Mercury retrograde in Libra:

Here the mind weighs everything, reduces the extremes, and sees the ideas from the side that naturally opposes, counters, or balances the information or premise. … There may be the light touch of a graceful communication style, or lightweight thinking because of superficiality. (49)

Wilkinson also observes that Mercury retrograding in Scorpio allows hidden things to be ‘ferretted out, and sexuality, power, life, death, loss, and the nature of opportunity are constantly questioned’ (50). It will be interesting to see how world diplomacy plays out in this light, and whether the Libran lessons of moderation may serve to soothe what Mercury rx in Scorpio uncovers.

On a personal front, what needs to be ferretted out from our lives, and how will seek to find balance in ourselves?

Note: The last time Mercury retrograded in Libra was in September/October 2002.

Wilkinson, Robert. A New Look at Mercury Retrograde. York Beach, Maine: Samuel Weiser, 1997.