Mercury retrogrades from 11° 35′ Cancer to 2° 28′ Cancer from 15 June to 9 July 2007. The back-end shadow period lasts from 31 May to 14 June and the front-end shadow period from 10 July to 24 July 2007.

I am as usual discounting the usual glitches and disruptions to do with missed appointments, computer trouble and travel delays. This is a list of events that stood out.

Back-end shadow period, 1 to 14 June 2007:

Retrograde period, 15 June to 9 July 2007:

  • Steady revision of thesis
  • Major hay fever attack beginning 15 June – to the point of near debilitation, causing delays with work, deadlines, etc. (Merc station rx on progressed 6th house Sun?)
  • Boiler goes bust – not a Merc Rx event per se, but trying to contact my landlady and finding out she’s away is; especially since she’d been round two days before to inspect the flat to see if anything was wrong and everything was fine
  • News of work permit comes through without a hitch (yet) – considering it’s given me problems through 2005 and 2006 (Uranus sq. natal Sun and Merc)
  • I find out an article from 2 years ago has been published by accident during an online search for something else; the editors haven’t sent hard copies and have not replied to emails; the issue is dated Autumn 2006
  • News of a major change at ‘home’ (parents/family), shifting something deep within me but yet (for once) not externally embroiled in it (Merc station rx triggering natal T-square of Mars in 7th with Uranus in 10th and Chiron in 4th); I’d say Chiron in the 4th (home, family and father issues) is bearing the brunt of it now, transiting Uranus just entering the 4th as well, and Merc station rx sextile progressed Moon in 4th (making the change not unpleasant, possibly even a positive encounter)

Front-end shadow period, 10 to 24 July 2007:

  • Mercury has a last laugh — my internet connection is down for an entire day, a call to my ISP confirms that the fault is with a server in my area
  • News that things have worked out at home, no intervention from me necessary
  • Series of coincidences to do with a job application that deserved its own post

Two months of major productivity and inertia. Rather like running down on an up escalator, or is that up on a down escalator? In one case, you cover more ground than you thought, and in the other, less.