It is the night of the Capricorn Full Moon; and it feels about right to be posting more about this Merc rx in Cancer. The retrograde Mercury is very nearly conjunct the Sun and will oppose the Full Moon; and also be in a wide opposition to Pluto in late Sagittarius.

Cancerian themes relate to the emotions, as well as emotional security (Crab in a shell, see? Soft on the inside, tough on the outside.). Capricornian themes relate to institutional structures and social, national, external security. Full Moon themes relate to culminations, completions, fruitions; and as the Moon also rules Cancer and the emotional psyche, I’d say also to a sense of ‘a job (well) done’. [Do these resonate with the latest terror threat in Britain? I think (feel) so, but I’ll leave it to far more qualified astrologers than me to provide the analyses. I’ll post them up here when I have them.]

Aside from the Mercury retrograde, there are also other fairly major astrological events going on at the moment, such as the third and final pass of the Saturn-Neptune opposition on 25th June, whose themes have been with us for the past two years. Read PlanetWaves or Aquarius Astrology for more profound writings on the subject than I can manage. In other words, this Capricorn Full Moon seems to call attention to what is already a fairly intense moment in time, intensifying our feelings and instincts, but also our moods and unconscious fears; and not made especially easy by Capricorn Moons preferring to rationalise, control, or repress if necessary, their feelings when they can (ask me, I was born with Moon in Cap). Capricorn moons are what Eric Francis calls ‘feelings compartmentalizers’.

What does the Merc Rx have to do with any of this, since this is a Merc Rx blog, not a lunation blog? All this ‘feeling’ in the air that prefers to be expressed (Sun in Cancer), simultaneously prefers to remain in the closet (Moon in Cap), and the resulting confusion can’t really be articulated in the language of rationality and clarity, which Mercury favours and works best in when it isn’t in retrograde. What this confusion ‘means’ for individuals and collectives will perhaps not become clear until Mercury goes direct (which I also note, stations opposite Pluto, the planet relating to themes of power, sex, death, regeneration, and the unconscious.). What else is going to ‘come clear’ after Mercury stations direct isn’t going to be mundane, I don’t think; and its effects may be felt deeper and longer than the results of petty communication breakdowns more associated with the phenomenon.

Here’s what Eric Francis says about this particular Merc rx:

Mercury stations retrograde on Friday, June 15 at 7:40 pm Eastern Daylight Time, at 11+ Cancer. Depending on what house it occurs in, the retrograde will affect every person differently, and attitude counts for a lot. Processing the emotions with the mind is not always possible; this situation says feel first, think second. Logic is not what it used to be under this influence. Water sign Mercury retrogrades seem to be more challenging for those with fewer water planets, because they center us so deeply on our emotions, which are in motion. This retrograde backs up right into a square with the Aries Point, so we can expect an acceleration of the news during this phase.

The world events acceleration will be pushed by a series of planetary occultations by the Moon, as well as by a Full Moon in Capricorn on June 29 that comes within 10 degrees of squaring the Aries Point. Remember that all of these events (as in personal events, and news events) are occurring with Mercury retrograde. They are likely to be a little strange (but we’re used to it). We will need to wait awhile before we know the truth, but instincts count for a lot right now.

Move gently, and don’t push decisions — remember that your decisions are opportunities. This is not the time to come to ‘final conclusions,’ but rather to gather the information that will lead you to them. The overarching message of this Mercury retrograde seems to be about understanding the influences from the past that are still shaping your life today.

In other words, feel first, think second, act last. Something I’m learning the virtues of everyday.