As we inch towards the next Mercury retrograde on 15 June, documents from my drafts folder have been sending themselves, or in some cases, earlier versions have been sending themselves alongside later ones.

Mercury rules my Sun in the 6th (health/work), my 7th (partnerships) and 10th (career) houses. Energy-wise, I’m already wiped out. Stayed in bed for most of yesterday and can barely drag myself around for most of today. It could well be that I’m coming down with something, this being hay fever season (6th house affliction?), which always gets me with the force of a WMD, and/or that Mercury is just about to station retrograde right on my 7th house Mars in a T-square with my 10th house Uranus and 4th house Chiron. It feels rather like driving a boat with the anchor still trailing the sea bed — the boat doesn’t get very far and soons runs out of fuel.

Mercury will also station direct on my 7th house Venus on 10 July and work itself back towards Mars on 25 July. The coincidence of the two conjunctions just struck me as something to watch for. More thoughts about this later when the cotton wool in my head clears a little.