I tend to send emails as soon as I write them, just as I publish blog posts as soon as they’re written. I don’t have the patience to wait and review them, though I’m becoming more aware that I should.

Especially with emails. I found a couple of mistakes in emails I’ve sent. And in the past I’ve sent and received angry emails. In fact, I’ve seen mini-empires rise and fall in work places because of carelessly sent emails. Someone once mentioned to me that he thought that email was in fact a very aggressive medium of communication. One often feels protected by the distance — but like an arrow fired from behind a shield, it’s not easy to retrieve once it’s shot. The drafts folder allows one to revise one’s tone, if not one’s ideas. It’s there for a reason. As is the ‘delete’ button.

No better time to learn to do so than during the next Mercury retrograde. Especially since I sense a storm gathering speed in the office. (Thus I am writing this to embed it into my unconscious).