Unbelieveable. I went out to my car this morning and found that the battery was flat. It turns out I had left the radio on overnight. I’d turned it down low when I gave a friend a lift as the reception was bad at that point; didn’t realise it was still on when I got home.

Put it down to the Mercury rx shadow period or my full moon solar return yesterday, with the moon in a conjunct with my natal Neptune in the 12th (foggy and blind!) — we all need something to blame!!

Sigh. Unfortunately, Mercury or not, full moon or not, I’m responsible for my own carelessness. The coincidences are always fun, and infuriating, to point out though.

Usually I am so careful with the details of daily life and work (Sun-Saturn in the 6th) that Mercury retrograde periods seem to release the tension that keeps all my invisible web threads taut, and I am forced to relinquish control. I am forced, if you like, to confront my potential for carelessness, and to relinquish the armour I lug around the rest of the time.