Mercury needs to hurry up and move forward already. The past week has basically been one long string of delays and technological mishaps. The internet server at work has stalled multiple times, I’ve found it impossible to make long distance calls the past couple of days without a loud screeching in the connection, and yes, I seem to have misplaced my phone, which I last saw this morning.

Mercury is currently at 8° 16′ Pisces, which squares my natal Mercury in Gemini. With the Sun, Uranus, Neptune, the Moon and the North Node in my third house at the moment, and all except Neptune in Pisces, my house of communication if feeling a bit besieged at the moment. It doesn’t help that they are squaring a bunch of 6th house (of work, health and daily routine) planets making daily life a start-stop affair. Even writing this post is like wading through quicksand. I wanted to write more about Merc Rx transits but it will have to wait.

Here’s a tongue-in-cheek write up about the effects of the retrograde by Eric Francis. Sometimes wry humour is the only defence we have!

See you on the other side!