Mercury’s three retrograde periods in 2007 will continue to occur mainly in the Water signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, although in two instances also from a Water sign into an Air sign.

In February (10 February to 7 March), Mercury retrogrades from 10° Pisces (Water) to 25° Aquarius (Air).

In June (15 June to 9 July), Mercury retrogrades from 11° Cancer to 2° Cancer (Water).

In October (11 October to 1 November), Mercury retrogrades from 9° Scorpio (Water) to 23° Libra (Air).

Unlike in Water, Mercury is comfortable in Air, the element of ideas, communication and the intellect. I wrote earlier this year that:

Air-borne Mercury, as mentioned in a previous post, is not at its most comfortable in these watery signs. Air bubbles through water and its freedom of movement is restricted. However, Mercury retrograding through Water signs can force the Winged Messenger to slow down and face up to things he’d much rather avoid; uncomfortable things like feelings, emotions, yearnings, that his rational mind tends to dismiss as woolly and self-indulgent.

In February and later in October next year, however, air-borne Mercury is not only going to bubble through Water but also burst through the surface into the air. Rather than being restricted, Mercury changing signs while in retrograde points to the possibility of a sudden sense of relief, of breakthrough, of suddenly being able to come up for air. More on Mercury in the Air signs shortly.

Happy New Year!