Mercury retrograded from 25° 4′ to 09° 05′ Scorpio, from 28 October to 18 November 2006.

What I’ve experienced during this period seems to be largely to do with friendships and social events, hardly surprising since the retrograde takes place in my 11th house:

  • Returned to my country of birth for a longer than intended visit (due to administrative and travel delays)
  • As a result, met up with many old friends whom I hadn’t seen in years
  • One encounter in particular was unexpected, as I thought she was living in Tokyo. We had met once in Tokyo in March 2005, and it turns out she has returned for good in 2006.
  • Mended many old rifts, through a series of apologies I made in late September, early October (from a year long effort of work on my inner self through meditation)
  • And thus had a chance to meet up with one or two persons I hadn’t spoken to in years
  • Including an ex-flame, with whom the split was particularly unpleasant four years ago – nice to know some of the old spark is still there (coincidence that he has 4 planets in Scorpio?), though there are no plans to reinstate anything
  • Work-wise, experienced a small but anxiety-making delay to do with a visa application
  • It was eventually granted, putting an end to a long period of administrative bungling that began on 1 September 2005
  • Had one article accepted for publication (written for the conference during the July Rx), have begun revisions
  • Have also been reading much more about the history of where I come from, which I hadn’t paid much attention to before
  • Oh, and returning to my old room in my parents’ house meant clearing out many old notes and files from university days, old contracts from previous part-time jobs, bank statements, and other paraphenalia no longer relevant to my life – exhausting but always satisfying. It is amazing how little one misses.

A very good month. Very liberating on a personal front. But also very tired. Not unpleasantly so though. More the sort one experiences after a long walk or a long swim. A necessary exertion, purging and strengthening. Will look back on this particular retrograde with much relief. Feel less like a new person, than one more comfortable in an old skin.

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