Mercury retrograded from 1° 22′ Leo to 21°04′ Cancer, from 4 to 29 July 2006.

What I’ve experienced during this period:

  • Found Robert Wilkinson’s book!
  • Visited by an acquaintance I’d met last year (shadow)
  • Attended a conference in South Africa and learned some things about myself
  • Revised a chapter from my dissertation for publication but haven’t heard from the editor
  • Heard from the editor of a paper I wrote two years ago that it is soon to be published, but then haven’t heard about the details since
  • Car developed exhaust trouble on a road trip, which turned out to be a blessing, as the mechanic discovered the brake pads were worn down
  • Lost a digital video, though not totally (see previous post).

Mixed month, some pluses, some minuses, and some in-betweens.