Mercury next retrogrades from 4 July to 29 July, from 1° 22′ Leo back through 21° 04′ Cancer, and we are well into the shadow period now. In this post, I shall deal mainly with Mercury Rx in Cancer.

Rob Tillet of Astrology on the Webreckons that

When Mercury moves back to Cancer on July 11, the need to revisit emotional commitments will become more present. Family issues are likely to arise and you may need to review decisions regarding your residence and any career moves you have in mind.

Similarly, Kim Marie, writing of the last Mercury Rx in Cancer in 2000, notes:

All of our emotional insecurities will rise to the surface and this Mercury retrograde along with the eclipses can make us feel like we could easily loose it and emotionally explode. Family issues that we thought we had dealt with will come back again. Old wounds will resurface to be hopefully healed once again on an ever-deeper level.

The essence of Cancerian energy is to learn emotional self-reliance. To realize that no matter how “bad” or “good” our relationships may be, no matter what gender we are this lifetime, it is still our own responsibility to take care of our own emotional needs. No matter who we think is “hurting” us it is just the mirror to help us to greater levels of emotional self-relating. So this Mercury retrograde will help us determine where in our emotional relationships we need to relate to ourselves better.

So where Mercury Rx in Pisces touched on aspects of the non-rational, the intuitive, Mercury Rx in Cancer will be going over aspects of our emotional lives.

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