Cafe Astrology suggests that those born with Mercury retrograde in their natal charts might not feel its effects. I wonder if this is true?

CyberWorld Khaldea reckons it has an impact upon personality, and this impact is dependent on gender:

In a birth chart, Mercury retrograde indicates a mind turned inward toward introspection and self-examination. Exploring one’s inner dimensions may be easier and more inviting than dealing with “real world” issues, and the larger, philosophical issues underlying life often hold more appeal than life’s more mundane side. One’s own ideas and thoughts are likely to be more interesting and intriguing than those of others. Mercury retrograde, therefore, is well-suited for writers, artist, musicians, philosophers and people whose work require the development of new ideas and high degree of concentration and creativity. Far from indicating mental slowness, Mercury retrograde figures largely in the horoscopes of some of the most intelligent individuals of any era.

Because Mercury’s polarity is neutral, its significance when retrograde does not differ as significantly between men and women as do some other planets. Yet there are some subtle differences.

In a man’s chart, Mercury retrograde suggests an aptitude for studiousness and intense mental work requiring long hours of solo work.

In a woman’s chart, Mercury retrograde suggests a personality who strikes out on her own, often breaking new ground and embodying the ideals of new womanhood during any era.

[This post has been sitting as a draft for a week now. I meant to add something else on Merc Rx in the natal chart and karma, but haven’t had the time, so I decided to do it in two parts. I’ll try to get to Part 2 later this week.]

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