I meant to post earlier but Mercury going direct has meant that my schedule’s picked up again! Since I’m no astrologer, I won’t attempt to relate Mercury Rx to recent world events on my own, but instead put together a sample of what other astrologers have foreseen.

Pat Paquette, of The Pisces Chronicles, wrote on 25 February 2006 that:

As Mercury retrogrades through Pisces, I expect that some embarrassing truths are going to emerge about what the White House has been up to. This may include information about who our real enemies are and to what extent this administration has been involved with them.

In her update on 26 March 2006, a day after Mercury went direct, she identifies the following incidents, and I quote her directly:

  1. The most sensational revelation came during the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, who faces the death penalty for his alleged connection to 9/11. FBI Agent Harry Samit told the court that he repeatedly notified his superiors in the month prior to 9/11 that he suspected Moussaoui was part of a terrorist plot to fly an airplane into a building, but that no one would approve his request to get a warrant to search Moussaoui’s apartment.
  2. A close second for “best secret” came out of another criminal proceeding. Court papers filed by lawyers for I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, indicate that his trial on perjury charges could become a major embarrassment for the White House. The documents themselves aired plenty of dirty laundry, including evidence that high-level officials manipulated intelligence on WMDs to justifying invading Iraq.
  3. […] a report released by the Pentagon on Friday asserts that Russian spies in Baghdad obtained information from the American military command about the impending U.S. invasion and relayed it to Saddam Hussein. Not only is this embarrassing to the White House, but it could affect U.S. relations with Russia. [….]

I’ll post more as I find them.

Paquette, Pat. The Pisces Chronicles. Accessed 13 April 2006.