I came across this very interesting post on Aquarius Papers which mentions the benefit of travel during Mercury Rx periods. This is really interesting as we are conventionally advised against travelling during Mercury Rx due to the higher potential for delays and missed connections.

This is what it says about Rx travel:

I have found that as long as one is flexible, retrograde travel is actually a good thing. So is research, reflection, review, rehearsals, and returns from the past. It’s also a great time for reconnecting with old friends, finding people and things thought lost, It’s a great time to explore possibilities, as long as no definitive decisions are made, since they are usually modified or reversed later on.

Interesting, since I’m travelling tomorrow (later today rather) – and am timing my connections with plenty of time to spare – back to my old university to submit a thesis that took 6 years to write (feels like a lot longer!). Given the current AUT action boycotting assessment, the marking of my thesis might actually be delayed, but since it’s Merc Rx, I’ve learnt not to panic.

The second interesting thing is, one of the job applications I mentioned was to this old university of mine, and I had hoped to attend the interview during the period of my visit, but I think my application got lost in the mail. Again, because of what I’ve learnt of Merc Rx over the years, there’s no use fretting about it. Maybe it’s for the best, maybe something else will work out later.

Of course, I’m looking forward to seeing old friends again too.

I guess the thing about driving in reverse while looking through the rear-view mirror is that one arrives in old places with new eyes.

Wilkinson, Robert. Aquarius Papers. Accessed 21 March 2006.