As I’ve mentioned, Mercury is in its detriment in Pisces, and as it moves backwards in the watery sign, it will find it difficult to maintain its need for rationalisation and logical communication. Mercury learns in Pisces to communicate intuitively. Mercury retrograding in Pisces must learn to give over to intuition. As astrologer Kim Marie, writing about a 2000 retrograde in Pisces, puts it:

This is one of the hardest signs of the zodiac for analytical, left-brain Mercury to pass through, and then for it to be retrograde can get really confusing. It asks us to entirely let go of excess fluff in our head and let our intuition take over. Mercury is comfortable only when it can be rationalizing, making lists, analyzing all the details. So this retrograde tends to make us doubt ourselves. Answers just won’t come no matter how much we dwell on the issues in our head.

What issues we will have to dwell on will depend on which area of our charts Mercury is passing through and the aspects it makes. However, in general, every Mercury retrograde will go over part of the sky it has recently covered, so this retrograde in Pisces goes over ground covered from 16 February to 1 March (see Aquarius Papers). According to Aquarius Papers, this retrograde is

a degree of “The Harvest Moon Illumes A Clear Autumnal Sky,” showing that we have reached a consumatory moment, and it ushers in a period of reaping what we have sown, or failed to cultivate. It will show us the “power of creative visualization by which great dreamers transcend outer reality” and promises “a complete dominance of circumstances” if we know how to use the promise of this period. It’s a threshold of harvesting what we have efforted toward up to now, and seems to indicate that by late April we will have the seeds of a new era showing strongly in our lives.

In my case, the period of 16 February to 1 March saw the completion of a six-year long PhD thesis, the tentative introduction to psychotherapy and the sudden clear-minded recognition that I had to take my own future into my hands if I was going to break a present impasse. The retrograde period itself saw the premature end of formal therapy due to cash flow crises, and cash flow crises! But also the beginnings of self-therapy by way of blogging, and several new job applications…

So, in effect, Mercury retrograding in Pisces allows us to revisit issues through Piscean means. I’ll quote again from Aquarius Papers about the current retrograde period:

It’s a time of examining subtleties, ghosts from the past, thresholds of fulfillment that have led us to a culminative moment in our lives and affairs, and the power of creative visualization as a means to transcend outer forms. Through seeing what’s ending and the seeds of future cycles of development, we can come to a thorough dominance of our circumstances. We will understand productivity and creativity from new perspectives, and some will come to a “self-consummation which is successful beyond any possibility of measure.” Trust what is at a threshold of fulfillment, and by late March you will see your inner wealth, and what can protect you as you move into new life phases and activities. Much will be shown the next three weeks [of the retrograde] that will lead us to different visions of motives, self-undoing behavior, and sorrows that are common to the human race regardless of time and space distinctions.

I’ll report back from the end of March!

Next post: either Merc Rx in my fourth house of Pisces, or Merc Rx and world events. My Mercury mind is too busy navigating the fog to decide at the moment….

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