Minutes after my first post on this blog, I went to my other blog and had difficulty publishing a new post. Ironically, this one isn’t affected. Basically, I couldn’t access my blog from any browser. A 403 error message saying I’m forbidden to access this server would pop up. A glance at the Blogger forum revealed a whole chorus of posts from frustrated bloggers experiencing the same problem.

One user’s observation struck me:

From: boonspot
Date: Mon, Mar 6 2006 5:44 pm

seems like the problem commonality is on blogs that are published on the 1st of March 2006. (03/01/06). I guess if you have a blog with an entry on 03/01/06, your blog would most probably have this problem… Anyways, I can publish/republish my blog now, but still unable to open it up on IE.

Interesting. Merc rx began in Pisces on 2nd March. Yes, I do have a post on 1st March. I haven’t written about the shadow period. Will do soon. In the meantime, hmm.